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Protecting Cultural Identity,
Promoting Artsakh's Heritage

The people of Artsakh endured terrible oppression during the period of Soviet Azerbaijan's misrule, as Baku meticulously tried to erase their Armenian identity. In hopes that the people of Artsakh would over time forget their language, history, unique heritage and culture, the Azeri government closed down local Armenian churches, rewrote history books, removed Armenian subjects from school curriculums and discouraged the use of the Armenian language at both work and school. And now the Azeris are trying to rewrite history in the arena of international public opinion, as they assert through a massive media campaign and their high-priced lobbyists that the Armenians are not the indigenous people of Artsakh.

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Promoting cultural activities in Artsakh and abroad to highlight the rich heritage of its people. AFA will work with educational institutions, charitable foundations, the media and the general public to organize local events, produce publications and increase awareness of the music, literature, art and culture of the Armenians of Artsakh, which has spanned so many centuries.